7-ELEVEN "Caramel Old Fashioned

7-ELEVEN New Arrival Sweets Summary (sequential release on October 24-25

) New products to be sequentially released at 7-Eleven from October 24-23, 2023. We will introduce a selection of newly arrived sweets and ice cream that we are interested in among them. This time, "Caramel Old Fashioned," "Häagen-Dazs Mini Cup Scented Butter Biscuit," "7 Premium Red Potato Mont Blanc," etc. will be available.

All prices include tax.
* Availability varies by region and store.
* Source of all images is the official 7-ELEVEN website.

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October 24 release: 7-ELEVEN New Sweets

7P Apple Sticks 6pcs.

7-ELEVEN "7P 6 apple sticks

Bread sticks filled with apple chocolate chips mixed with apple juice powder. Price: ¥159.84.


Osatsuri Bread 3pcs.

7-ELEVEN "7P Osatsubudo Bread 3pcs.

Baked sweet potato dice with skin and sweet potato paste filling. Price: 159.84 yen.

7Premium Sugar Butter Cake 3

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Sugar Butter Cake 3-Pack

A room temperature cake baked at room temperature with a moist and easy to eat dough topped with pearl sugar. 3 cakes in a package. Price: 159.84 yen.

Caramel Old Fashion

7-ELEVEN "Caramel Old Fashioned

Old fashioned dough with caramel syrup squeezed over it and half covered with caramel coated dough. The price is 140.40 yen.

Lotte Sou: Fresh Chocolate in Vanilla

7-ELEVEN "Lotte Sou: Fresh Chocolate in Vanilla

Price: 172.80 yen.

Chateraise Chocolate Bucky Banana

7-ELEVEN "Chateraise Chocolate Bucky Banana

Price: 151.20 yen.

Haagen-Dazs Mini Cup Scented Butter Biscuit

7-ELEVEN "Häagen-Dazs Mini Cup Scented Butter Biscuit

Price: 351 yen.

7Premium As if you were eating ripe mangoes & white peaches

7-Eleven "7 Premium Mango & White Peach

A multi-type ice cream with ripe mango and white peach flavors from the popular "As if" series with a texture and fruitiness that makes you feel as if you are eating frozen fruit. Priced at 537.84 yen.

7-Eleven New Arrivals Sweets for Sale on October 25


7 Premium Red Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

7-Eleven "7 Premium Beni Sweet Potato Mont Blanc

Red sweet potato Mont Blanc ice cream with a gorgeous cake-like structure, taste, and appearance. Price: 321.84 yen.

7Premium Waffle Cone Okinawa Red Potato

7-ELEVEN "7 Premium Waffle Corn Okinawa Beni Imo".

Waffle cone ice cream with a sweet taste, made with Okinawan red potatoes. Price: 257.04 yen.

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