Tenya "Tokachi-style pork tendon"
6 loin pork tempura. It's sticking out!

I ate Tendon Tenya's seasonal menu "Tokachi-style pork tendon". The fluffy roast pork and red pickled ginger, which looks, smells, and tastes vivid, go well together.

In Tenya, the roast pork heaven that appears for the first time in about a year is made into 6 pieces, which is the largest number in the history of Tenya, and the Tokachi-style "Amakara rich sauce" jointly developed with Nihon Shokken is sprinkled on it, and red pickled ginger is served for a refreshing taste. I am decorating. The price is 690 yen (tax included).

Tenya "Tokachi-style pork tendon"
With miso soup

The 6 pieces of roast pork tender seem to stick out from the bowl, and it's really voluminous. The texture of the tempura batter is soft and soft, and you can easily chew it, but if you chew the meat slowly and repeatedly, you can enjoy the taste of pork.

Tenya "Tokachi-style pork tendon"
Sauce has a strong taste and looks good on fluffy clothes

The rich sauce from the sweet potatoes on the batter is quite salty. But even more vivid is the red pickled ginger, which has a refreshing scent that will surely slip through your nose, which will erase the flavor of pork for a moment.

If you eat too much red ginger at one time, it will hide the individuality of the tempura, but the taste of tempura alone is too light and unpleasant, so it is somewhat unsatisfactory, so while allocating ginger appropriately to each of the 6 pieces It is good to eat slowly with rice.

Tenya "Tokachi-style pork tendon"
The more you chew the meat, the more flavor it gets. Red pickled ginger is not too much, not too little!

The Tokachi-style pork tendon is also available as a set with buckwheat, but the amount is quite large, so it seems better to try it after getting hungry as it is.