Meiji "Melty Kisses Caramel

Meiji "Meltykiss Caramel" and "Meltykiss Party Assortment Bag"

"Meltykiss Caramel" from Meiji's winter-only chocolate "Meltykiss" will be released on November 7. In addition, "Meltykiss Party Assortment Bag" will also go on sale on November 7.

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Since its launch in 1992, "Meltykiss" has been a popular winter-only chocolate product. It is characterized by its snowy texture and the creamy, rich taste of milk and cacao.

Meiji "Meltykiss Caramel

Meltykiss Caramel" is a rich caramel chocolate covered with chocolate made from Ecuadorian cacao beans and covered with cocoa powder. The floral aroma of Ecuadorian cacao beans and the rich flavor of the dense caramel can be enjoyed.

The package is designed to convey warmth and glamour in the midst of cold weather, while following the brand's world view of quality and delicacy. The price is open to the public.

Made with Ecuadorian cacao beans (20% of cacao mass, 2% of product)
* 1% caramel powder used

Meltykiss Party Assortment Bag

An assortment of three types: "Premium Chocolat," "Fruity Dark Chigo," and "Hatsumikomi Dark Matcha". The large bags are recommended for sharing at events or for bulk purchases.

Meiji "Melty Kiss Party Assorted Bags".

In response to a customer who said it was difficult to distinguish between the three types, the individual packages feature a universal design with colors and illustrations that make it easy to tell the difference. The price is open to the public.

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