Tendon Tenya "Tori Ate Tendon" (Tendon with chicken in it)

Tendon Tenya, in cooperation with second-year students of the Urushida Seminar in the School of Business Administration at Sanno University, will start selling "Tori (Chicken) Ate Tendon" for a limited time from July 4, 2012.

Chicken Agette Mishiten-don (bowl of rice topped with tempura)

The "Chicken Aizu Goketemi Tendon" is a hearty dish developed by students of Sanno University's College of Business Administration under the concept of "rewarding yourself for working hard every day," and brushed up by Tendon Tenya. The crispy aroma of sakura shrimps whets the appetite, while the tender meat of the chicken is topped with chicken tempura, rich mozzarella cheese tempura, and nori tempura, all topped with a thick, half-boiled egg. The accompanying small bowl of boiled spinach and mushrooms has a refreshing taste and is a perfect palate freshener.

Tendon Tenya "Tori Ate Tendon" (Tendon with chicken in it)

The price is 980 yen (tax included). Also available is a stand-alone menu item that does not come with a small bowl of rice, "Chicken Aizu Eating Tendon (stand-alone)," priced at 890 yen. The price is 890 yen.

The menu will be available only for 28 days from July 4 to July 31. To go and delivery are not available.

List of stores not participating in the sale
New Chitose Airport store, Sapporo Apia store, Aomori ELM store, Mito Watari store, Keyaki Walk Maebashi store, Maebashi Motososha store, Gunma Tatebayashi store, Higashimatsuyama store, Kamisato SA store, Shizu store, Joyful Honda Tomisato store, Bunkyo Green Court store, Okachimachi store, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 store, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 store, Toyama Hongoshin store, Kawanakajima store Nagano Tokuma store, Sakuhira store, Matsumoto Futaba store, Suwa store, Fujikawa SA store, Shizuoka Aoi Tower store, Kariya Highway Oasis Kintetsu Park House store, Tarumi Ekimae store, Fuji Grand Kambe store, Fukuyama Akebono store, Furukawa store, Matsue store, Aeon Town Aira store