Tendon Tenya "Makunouchi Tendon", "Furusato no Aji Tendon", "Tsukimi Tendon".

Tendon Tenya will sell "Makunouchi Tendon", "Furusato no Aji Tendon", and "Tsukimi Tendon". The menu items were created by Tenya restaurant staff who won the "Me to My Tendon Contest" judging.

Following last year, Tendon Tenya is holding the "Me and Myself Tendon Contest". The staff of Tenya's 153 stores in Japan submitted their best works of art, each expressing their own feelings, and the three works that made it through the final judging will be commercialized.


Tendon Tenya "Makunouchi Tendon

Contest Gold Prize. sold from October 1 to 10. Based on the concept that autumn is the holiday season, we gathered ingredients inspired by makunouchi bento. In addition to the standard Maku-no-uchi bento ingredients such as shrimp, salmon, toriten (chicken tempura), and tamago-yaki (fried egg), the dish is also topped with kani-kama and broccoli for a visually pleasing dish. The price is 840 yen (tax included, same as below).

Furusato no Aji Tendon

Tendon Tenya "Furusato no Aji Tendon

Contest Silver Prize, on sale from October 11 to 20. The bowl is inspired by the "Imoni" and "Hittari Udon" of Yamagata Prefecture, the hometown of the staff who invented this dish, and is topped with ingredients related to Yamagata Prefecture. The salty taste of Yamagata Prefecture's omizuke (pickles) and yam served on top of the bowl make it a refreshing and light meal. The price is 840 yen.


Tendon Tenya "Tsukimi Tendon" (moon-viewing tempura bowl)

Bronze prize in the contest; on sale from October 21 to 30. The concept is to "bring back the nostalgia of the meals we used to eat at the dinner table! The dish is served with hanpen, mozzarella cheese, and tsukune (chicken bones) in a sweet and spicy sauce, and a half-boiled egg to evoke the feeling of moon viewing. Enjoy the feeling of autumn moon viewing at Tenya. The price is 840 yen.

All items can be taken out. Prices are the same. However, miso soup is not included.