Coco's menu has been renewed
Coco's menu has been renewed! (Source: Official website)

Coco's grand menu will be renewed on April 18th. More than 70 new menu items such as hamburger steak, doria, pasta and dessert will be available at "affordable prices".

Of particular note are the three types of "genuine wrapping hamburger steak" (990 yen each, tax not included, same below). It is made by blending multiple carefully selected lean meats and sticking to the texture that leaves a grainy texture.

Coco's "Mozzarella Tomato Wrapped Hamburger"
Mozzarella tomato wrapped hamburger

"Wrapped grilled hamburger steak with rich stew sauce-with horohoro pork-" is a dish of soft Spanish pork stewed in red wine for 4 hours on top of the hamburger steak. The rich stew sauce is finished by adding cocoa mass and flavored vegetables to two kinds of red wine.

"Japanese-style wrapping hamburger steak with teriyaki sauce and egg yolk" is a dish seasoned with soy sauce-based sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce. Finished with plenty of green onions and shimeji mushrooms. If you eat it with the attached egg yolk, you can enjoy it like sukiyaki.

"Mozzarella tomato wrapping hamburger steak" is a hamburger steak finished with a rich tomato sauce using plenty of Italian tomatoes. The hot, savory cheese on top is a combination of three types: mozzarella, gouda, and grana padano.

In addition, "Basque cheese cake" (390 yen) originated in Spain, "Custard cream brulee" (290 yen) originated in France, and "Kouign-amann of maple & sugar butter" (390 yen) are available for dessert.

Coco's "Basque Cheese Cake"
Basque cheese cake

In addition, the lineup includes appetizers such as ajillo, roast chicken, and fresh salad, pasta from 490 yen, and omelet rice from 690 yen. It is a variety of grand menus that you can enjoy choosing according to the mood of the day.