Cocos "Choco Min Party Fair"

Cocos "

Choco Mint Party Fair" Cocos stores will hold the "Choco Mint Party Fair" from May 25.



Party Fair "Choco Mint Party Fair" is a standard early summer fair where you can enjoy the refreshing taste of mint with a variety of ingredients. Four items will be available: "Choco Mint Party Parfait," "Choco Mint Party Shaved Ice," "Choco Mint Party Banana Krispy S'mores," and "Choco Mint Party Glass Parfait. The mint flavor is more refreshing than in previous years, and the sweetness of the chocolate complements the mint flavor, creating a "mint and chocolate" combination that can be enjoyed.

This year's product is not only tasty, but also looks cute. In addition to the bright mint green color, toppings that look like ice cream cones placed directly on the parfait and pastel-colored marshmallows make the parfait pop and make you want to order it.


Mintama Par

Cocos "Choco Min Party Parfait"

The Choco Mint Parfait is Coco's signature big parfait. With chocolate mint ice cream, mint jelly, mint sauce, and mint panna cotta, you can enjoy the refreshing taste of mint to your heart's content. The mint jelly and mint sauce are more minty and refreshing than in previous years. The mint jelly and mint sauce are more refreshing than in past years, and can be enjoyed with whipped topping and rich, moist chocolate brownie. The mint sauce can be served separately for an extra minty flavor.

The crunchy chocolate crisps and cereal chocolate in the middle layer of the glass add a textural accent to the smooth mint jelly and mint panna cotta. The eye-catching large sugar cones and sticky colorful marshmallows are not only delicious but also visually pleasing. The sugar cone decorated on top is topped with chocolate mint ice cream and can be enjoyed as an ice cream cone. Priced at 869 yen (tax included, same below).


Mint Sh

aved Ice
Cocos "Choco Min Party Shaved Ice"

Choco Mint Shaved Ice" is a perfect dish for the hot season, combining the refreshing taste of mint with the refreshing taste of shaved ice. The shaved ice is made from pure ice, a summer staple at Cocos, and is topped with a generous amount of mint sauce, a soft whip, chocolate sauce, and cereal chocolate.

The shaved ice is also topped with chocolate sauce, and the mint sauce and chocolate sauce are served separately, so you can enjoy the full flavor of chocolate mint until the very last bite. Price: 759 yen.

Choco Minty Banana

Krispy S'mores

Cocos "Chocomin' Party Banana Crispy S'mores"

Choco Mint Banana Krispy S'mores are a "hot and hot" dessert consisting of a cocotte filled with bananas, gateau chocolates, and marshmallows, baked in the oven, and topped with chocolate mint ice cream. The refreshing taste of mint is accented by the rich sweetness of banana. The dish can be enjoyed by tossing the soft texture of marshmallows and the optional mint sauce with the ingredients. Priced at 539 yen.


Mint Party Glass Parfait

Cocos "Choco Min Party Glass Parfait"

The "Choco Mint Party Glass Parfait" is a miniature parfait in a glass filled with mint refreshment, the perfect size for after dinner. The refreshing taste of chocolate mint ice cream, mint jelly, and mint panna cotta is complemented by the sweetness of chocolate sauce and cereal chocolate. The price is 429 yen. Enjoy "mint and chocolate" to your heart's content at a reasonable price.

Available at 512 stores (as of May 18)
* Not available at airport stores
* Not available for To go
* Ends as soon as it is gone