Cocos x Jutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident: Campaign with friends, relax, here!




Jujutsu Kaisen Shibuya Jiken

: With Friends, Relax, Coco de Campaign" will be held at Cocos stores from October 11 to November 7 in collaboration with the second season of the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen" "Shibuya Jiken: With Friends, Relax, Coco de Campaign". The campaign will be held from October 11 to November 7.

In this campaign, a collaboration menu featuring images of characters from "Shibuya Incidents" will appear in conjunction with the second anime broadcast of the TV anime "Jujutsu Kaisen". In addition, one Cocos original clear file (A4) will be presented with each order of one of the target menu items, including the collaboration menu.

Cocos x Jutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident: Campaign with friends, relax, here!
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Cocos x Jutsu Kaisen Shibuya Incident: Campaign with friends, relax, here!
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Oct. 11 - Oct. 24 Collaboration menu


Burst of juicy goodness!


no Kuro Sen Hamburger

Cocos "Burst of Umami! Torajo's Black Flash Hamburger"

A dynamic hamburger featuring a hamburger steak topped with cheddar slices of cheese reminiscent of Toradori's character color of orange, lettuce, and bacon on a black bun that is reminiscent of Toradori's "kokusen" (black flash). The burger is served with crispy fries, a popular Cocos product, for a hearty finish. The ketchup and mayo sauce, which are served separately, add a different flavor to the burger. The burger comes with a pick featuring the image of "Kuro Sen" (black flash). Price: 1,309 yen (tax included, same below).

Kugisaki's Red Berry Parfait with Fashionable Toppings

Cocos "Kugisaki's Red Berry Parfait - Fashionable Toppings

This parfait is covered in red, the color of Kugisaki's character. The base of the parfait is a sweet ruby chocolate drink, making it a "drinkable parfait. The top is topped with a chocolate rose motif and a raspberry macaroon. This is a sweet treat that will satisfy even the most fashion-conscious Kugisaki. Mix the ruby chocolate drink with the strawberry syrup at the bottom of the glass to taste. Price: 1,089 yen.


's Wrapped Grilled Ahijo - Delicious Point is Here

Cocos "Nanami's Wrapped Grilled Ahi Jio - Delicious Point is Here!

Nanami's (Nanami) favorite dish, ahi jō, is wrapped and grilled, making it a perfect snack with wine. It is wrapped in aluminum foil with a design exclusive to the collaboration menu, inspired by Nanami's character colors and the "To-Okaku Juhou" (十劃呪法) technique. The accompanying stone oven bread and ahijo sauce are a perfect match. The price is 1,309 yen.

October 25-November 7 Collaboration Menu


Fushiguro's Ginger-Filled Black Curry

Cocos "Fushiguro's Ginger-filled Black Curry"

A black soup curry based on Fushiguro's "Tokusa no Kageboujutsu" (Ten Kinds of Shadow Art). Ginger, Fushikuro's favorite food, is added as a paste to create a product with a different taste. The black soup curry represents the shadow, while the chicken, broccoli, young corn, and other ingredients are used to represent the god of ceremony. You can enjoy the deep taste that changes like a shadow play of "Ten Kageho-jutsu" (Ten Kagei Techniques). It is also recommended to "change the taste" with the optional ginger paste. The price is 1,199 yen.


's Colorful Parfait with No Boundaries

Cocos "Gojo's Unlimited Colorful Parfait"

This colorful parfait is based on the image of Gojo's "Mukagen Jujutsu," a technique for performing a "no lower limit" spell. The "ao" (blue) of the "jun-jutsu" (sequential rotation) and the "aka" (red) of the "hanten" (reversal) are represented by the jelly. The top is topped with two cubes of soda kudzu ice cream, which is reminiscent of the "Gokumonjiang" that sealed Gojo. This is a dish that is not only pleasing to the eye but also to the taste buds. The price is 1,089 yen.

The King of Curses! Shukuso's Special Cursed Hot Pot

Cocos "King of Curses! Special Cursed Pot of Shukuusina"

A one-pot dish with bacon wrapped around sausage to resemble the image of "Susuna's Fingers", a special class of cursed material, making a big impact. Purple cabbage and colored napkins are used to express the character's color, while the slightly purple broth gives it an evil atmosphere like that of the "King of Curses". The pot is filled with ingredients such as shrimp and chicken. You can enjoy it with ponzu (Japanese citrus juice), which is served separately, to your liking. The price is 1,199 yen.

Excluding Kansai International Airport and Yamaguchi-Ube Airport stores.

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