Cocos "2023 Fall/Winter Grand Menu"

Cocos "2023 Autumn/Winter Grand Menu" Begins

The "2023 Autumn/Winter Grand Menu" will be offered at Cocos restaurants from September 14 (not available at airport locations). In addition to expanded variations of the standard item "Wrapped Grilled Hamburger Steak," the lineup includes many new seasonal items and mini-sized items that are perfect as an additional dish.

2023 Autumn/Winter Grand Menu


7-Cheese W

rapped Grilled Hamburger Steak
Cocos "7 kinds of cheese wrapped hamburger steak

The hamburger steak has been brushed up to a "cheese-in-hamburger steak. Enjoy the marriage of seven kinds of cheese and juicy hamburger steak. Priced at 1,390 yen (tax included, same below).

Rich Beef Stew Wrapped Grilled Hamburger Steak Double

Cocos "Thick Beef Stew Wrapped Beef Hamburger Double

The popular "Thick Beef Stew Envelope Grilled Hamburger Steak" is offered with double the amount of hamburger steak (110g (3.88oz) x 2 pieces). It is perfect for those who want a full meal, or for two people to share one piece each. The price is 1,419 yen.

Chicken and Pumpkin Demi au Gratin

Cocos "Chicken and Pumpkin Demi au Gratin

Mini gratin filled with chicken and pumpkin. Tossed with Cocos' special aromatic demi-glace sauce and rich cheese that has been grilled to a golden brown, this is a dish to be savored. The price is 429 yen.

Seafood and Mentaiko (cod roe) Pasta in Cream Soup

Cocos "Seafood and cod roe pasta in cream soup

A dish of pasta in a rich cream soup topped with seafood such as shrimp and scallions, and fresh raw vegetables such as kale. The creamy flavor of the soup, infused with the delicious taste of mentaiko (cod roe), and the crunchy texture of the raw vegetables can be enjoyed. The price is 1,199 yen.

Cocos' Demi-glace Hamburger Steak Doria

Cocos "Cocos' Demi-glace Hamburger Steak Doria

This hot hamburger steak doria with Cocos' special demi-glace sauce is perfect for the chilly season. It is made into a hearty dish with plenty of ingredients such as shimeji mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and hamburger steak. Price: 1,089 yen.

Chicken Steak with Cream of Mushroom

Cocos "Chicken Steak with Cream of Mushroom

A juicy chicken thigh steak served with a porcini-scented cream sauce. Hot vegetables such as pumpkin and young corn can also be enjoyed dipped in the cream sauce. The price is 869 yen.

Fried Oyster Set

Cocos "Fried Oyster Set

This seasonal Japanese set meal features plump and juicy Hiroshima oysters. Served with rice, miso soup, and a small seasonal bowl. Price: 1,199 yen.

Caramel Nut Cocoche

Cocos "Caramel Nut Cocosh

The popular "cocoche" dessert with a crispy outside and fluffy inside is now available in a caramel flavor perfect for fall and winter. It is a "hot and hot" sweet made with vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce. The price is 682 yen.

Caramel Banana Parfait

Cocos "Caramel Banana Parfait"

Salted caramel ice cream with a hint of saltiness in the rich sweetness of caramel is used. This parfait is served with bananas, savory roasted mixed nuts, sweet and sour frozen mixed berries, and hot caramel sauce (served separately). Price: 462 yen.

Mini! Mentaiko Pasta with Kobashira and Mushrooms

Cocos "Mini! Mentaiko pasta with kobashira and mushrooms"

This dish combines the addictive texture of mentaiko pasta with shimeji mushrooms and plump kobashira. Chopped nori and shiso leaves give this dish an aromatic flavor. Price: 539 yen.

Mini! Crunchy Potato

Cocos "Mini! Crunchy Fries"

A mini-sized version of the popular "Crunchy Potato" with an addictive crunchy texture. Enjoy them as an accompaniment to the main dish or as a light snack. The price is 319 yen.

Three types of glass desserts combining ice cream and macaroons

Three types of glass desserts combining ice cream and macaroons
Vanilla ice cream & chocolate macaroon

Three types of glass desserts combining ice cream and macaroons
Salted caramel ice cream & chocolate macaroon

Three types of glass desserts combining ice cream and macaroons
Chocolate ice cream & raspberry macaroon

The lineup includes "vanilla ice cream & chocolate macarons," "salted caramel ice cream & chocolate macarons," and "chocolate ice cream & raspberry macarons." Bittersweet chocolate macarons are combined with standard vanilla ice cream and rich sweet salted caramel ice cream, and sweet and sour raspberry macarons are combined with chocolate ice cream with cookies made from Belgian chocolate. Priced at 275 yen each.

Cheese in hamburger steak (renewed)

Cocos "Cheese in hamburger steak (renewal)

Cocos' cheese-in hamburger steak is back with an even better taste. Five kinds of cheese inside the hamburger steak are covered all over the griddle the moment it is split open. You can enjoy the rich taste of cheese in this dish. The price is 935 yen.

Delicious twice! Tuna Tataki & Salmon Donburi

Cocos "Twice Delicious! Tuna Tataki & Salmon Bowl".

In response to a customer's request, "I want to try the Tuna Tataki Donburi at Cocos again! This dish has been reintroduced in response to customer requests for another bowl of Tuna Tataki Donburi. Roughly chopped tuna and flavorful salmon can be enjoyed simply as a bowl of rice at first, then topped with Japanese-style dashi broth and served with chazuke (rice with green tea) at the end. The price is 1,309 yen.

Hamburger Jambalaya

Cocos "Hamburger Jambalaya"

A ground hamburger steak joins the new lineup of Cocos' classic Mexican menu item, jambalaya. This dish is a bold mix of jambalaya, salsa sauce, guacamole, and crunchy raw vegetables. Priced at 1,199 yen.