MUJI "Chocolate Confectionery"
Perfect for filling your stomach

Eight new chocolate confectionery products will be released on October 17th and one on November 28th at each MUJI store and online store. The price is 290 yen each (tax included).

The lineup of "confectionery that combines chocolate and ingredients", which is popular among MUJI products, is further enhanced. The ingredients to be combined with chocolate are carefully selected to give them a satisfying and satisfying taste.

The lineup is as follows.

[Released on October 17]
Wine-pickled raisin chocolate (40g (1.41oz))
Chocolate cranberries (40g (1.41oz))
Matcha chocolate walnut (40g (1.41oz))
White chocolate pecan nuts (48g (1.69oz))
Pecan nuts with caramel chocolate (48g (1.69oz))
Gianduja pecan nuts (48g (1.69oz))
Strawberry crunch chocolate (67g (2.36oz))
Orange peel crunch chocolate (67g (2.36oz))

[Released on November 28]
Lemon chocolate with lemon peel (32g (1.13oz))