PRONTO "Double Melon Latte," "Kagoshima Muskmelon Squash," "Melon Mont Blanc Tart

PRONTO's "Double Melon Latte


" "Kagoshima Muskmelon Squash," and "Melon Mont Blanc Tart"

will be available at PRONTO from May 28.

The new drinks will use a melon sauce developed by PRONTO with particular attention to the quality of the producing region and ingredients. In selecting the melon as the raw material, PRONTO made several prototypes of melon sauces with different colors, sweetness, and aroma, and selected muskmelons from Kagoshima Prefecture. The shape of the flesh was also carefully selected to maximize the quality of the ingredients. With the "drinkable melon" in mind, the shape and size of the pulp were refined down to the millimeter to create a sauce with diced melon pulp that is both tasty and appealing.

PRONTO "Double Melon Latte"

The "Double Melon Latte" is a luxurious latte that uses two types of melon: melon sauce and red muskmelon pulp as topping. It also contains apricot bean curd, which goes perfectly with the melon, making it a highly satisfying drink with a variety of textures. r 649 yen.

Kagoshima muskmelon squash

A carbonated drink made with the finest melon sauce and soda, this is the kind of drink you will want to gulp down on a hot day. R: 539 yen, L: 627 yen.

PRONTO "Kagoshima muskmelon squash


Mont-Blanc Tart

Melon-flavored Mont-Blanc with an elegant pattern of cream reminiscent of melon peel and crispy tart dough. The inside is filled with orange cream reminiscent of red melon pulp, making this a summery treat that can also be enjoyed visually. Single item: 539 yen.

PRONTO "Melon Mont Blanc Tart"

Kagoshima muskmelon

This melon has a musky aroma and a very strong sweet taste with a refreshing aftertaste. It is also called "Kagoshima Earl's melon," which means "the Earl's favorite" in English.

Kagoshima muskmelon

Farmland Maki, the farm that produces Kagoshima muskmelons, is committed to growing safe and secure melons, and is very particular about soil analysis and fertilizer blending. For soil disinfection, hot water is used to avoid the use of chemicals as much as possible. In order to concentrate the sugar content in each fruit, we adopt the method of three-dimensional cultivation and single fruit picking. As a result of these efforts, the melons are treated as special melons sold only as gifts that meet strict export standards overseas.

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