Hamazushi's Hokkaido/Tohoku Selected Delicious Neta Festival


Hokkaido/Tohoku Selected Delicious N

etsa Festival Hamazushi is holding the "Hamazushi's Hokkaido/Tohoku Selected Delicious Netsa Festival" from May 14. Many delicious neta from Hokkaido and the Tohoku region are on offer.

The "Miyagi Prefecture Large Cut Silver Salmon" (110 yen, all prices include tax) is a dish that allows you to enjoy the moderate fat and rich flavor of silver salmon raised in the rich sea of Sanriku. The "Hokkaido Red Squid Tsutsumi with Sea Urchin" (110 yen) offers the rich flavor of sea urchin along with the strong sweetness and sticky texture of red squid. Also noteworthy are "Hokkaido Toroi Eel" (165 yen), with its excellent fat content, and "Miyagi Prefecture Dai-kiri Kinka Shime Saba" (165 yen), in which the mild sourness of vinegar enhances the flavor of the rare "Kinka Saba" (mackerel).

Hama Sushi "Miyagi Prefecture Large Cut Silver Salmon

From the "Blissful Consistency" series comes "Furano Wagyu 5th Grade Nigiri" (319 yen), made with brand-name Japanese beef from Furano, Hokkaido. Furano Wagyu" was selected for its tender meat and delicious fatty flavor, and the fat melts the moment you eat it, filling your mouth with the delicious flavor of the beef.

Hamazushi "Furano Wagyu Beef 5th Grade Nigiri

As a side dish, "Hokkai Jaga Butter (with salted squid)" (308 yen), which combines sweet and rich potatoes grown at the foot of Mt. Yotei in Hokkaido, where there is a severe temperature difference, with salted squid and butter. Hama Cafe Labo will offer "Matcha Baked Cheesecake" (286 yen), which combines the refreshing flavor of cream cheese with the bitterness of Fukuoka Prefecture's Yame tea.

Hama Sushi "Matcha Baked Cheesecake

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