Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Ikebukuro monaka", "Rampo no kura", "Tororo manju".
Ikebukuro's famous sweets

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Ikebukuro Monaka

Owls are the symbolic bird of Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Walking around Ikebukuro, you are sure to see a variety of owls, including the Ikebukuro statue.

At Gokashiji Ikebukuro Mihara-do, a 3-minute walk from the station, you can find cute owl wagashi. The name is "Ikebukuro Monaka.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do Confectionery
Established in 1937

The eyes of the owl are very cute. The "monaka" is baked in the shape of an owl and filled with azuki bean paste and gyuhi (gruel). The two pieces in a gift box are priced at 430 yen (tax included).

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Ikebukuro monaka
Even a faint Ikebukuro print.

The crispy, light-textured monaka seeds are filled with sweet red bean paste that still has just the right amount of graininess. The combination of the fragrance and the sweetness of the azuki beans is exquisitely delicious. The mochi is accented with a soft and chewy gyuhi. It is a small but satisfying dish.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Ikebukuro monaka

Rampo's Storehouse

The store also offers a lineup of products named after Rampo Edogawa, a great writer associated with Ikebukuro. Rampo's Storehouse" is a bouquet named after the storehouse that remains in his mansion. Two types are available: cheese butter and apricot jam. Each is priced at 190 yen.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Rampo no kura
Retro package

The fluffy bouquet has a delicate texture that disappears in your mouth. In contrast, the cheese butter cream inside melts on the tongue, spreading a deep richness. The rich taste of the cheese and butter can be felt.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Rampo no kura
So soft that it loses its shape just by holding it

The apricot jam, on the other hand, is impressive for its rich sweetness. The fruity flavor filled my mouth and made me happy.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Rampo no kura

Tororojo-jo-manju (grated yam and Japanese yam)

I would like to introduce another one, "Tororojo-manju," which was said to be the most favorite of Mr. Edogawa. The dough is made by carefully kneading grated yam and sugar and combining them with rice flour, and azuki bean paste is wrapped in the dough. The price is 1,000 yen for 4 pieces.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Tororo Manju" (Japanese grated yam)
Literary Design

The most notable feature is the surprisingly moist texture of the dough. It has a subtle elasticity, yet it slides easily through the mouth. The smooth koshi-an (sweet bean paste) complements the dough. The flavor of azuki beans plays a leading role in the refined sweetness. It is no wonder that the great writers loved it.

Ikebukuro Mihara-do "Tororo Manju" (Japanese grated yam)
Plump and moist

All of them last from one week to 10 days, making them perfect as souvenirs. Be sure to check them out when you visit Ikebukuro.