Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
THE Dinosaur Cake (T-rex & Blue)", limited to Ikebukuro

Jurassic World Cafe Opens in Ikebukuro and Shinsaibashi

In conjunction with the movie "Jurassic World: Kingdom of Fire," scheduled for release on July 13, collaboration cafes commemorating the release of the movie will open in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and Shinsaibashi, Osaka for a limited time only. You can enjoy menus inspired by the theme parks and dinosaurs of your dreams. The name of the cafe is "Jurassic World Cafe.

The food menu includes "Come to the Kingdom of Fire! Jurassic World Burger" (1,390 yen, tax not included, same as below), "Volcano Curry" (1,390 yen, tax not included, same as below), and "Eruption! Volcano Curry" (1,290 yen), which is inspired by the active volcano on the island of Nublar where the movie is set, and the "Powerful Wild Plate" (1,390 yen), an energetic dish featuring a sausage with bone marrow.

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
It's time to go to the Kingdom of Fire! Jurassic World Burger

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
The big eruption! Volcano Curry

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Powerful Wild Plate

The sweets menu includes "What will you find?" in which dinosaurs' bone fossils are hidden inside a custard cream and berry cake that resembles the ground. Fossil Excavation Cake" (three types, 1,290 yen each), "Stratum Parfait - Great Plains of Herbivorous Dinosaurs" (1,190 yen), which represents the strata of the Great Plains where dinosaurs live, and "Dinosaur Egg Cake" (1,390 yen), a lemon-flavored cake that resembles dinosaur eggs.

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
What do you get? Fossil Excavation Cake

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Strata Parfait - Great Plains of Herbivorous Dinosaurs

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Dinosaur Egg Cake

The drink menu includes "Mosasaurus Soda" (890 yen), which is inspired by a "Mosasaurus" jumping out of the pool, and "Amber Jelly and Green Tea White Chocolate Smoothie" (890 yen) with amber fossil-like jelly on top.

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Mosasaurus soda

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Amber Jelly and Matcha White Chocolate Smoothie

Also on the To go menu is "THE Dinosaur Cakes (T-rex & Blue)" (800 yen each), which are based on the popular dinosaurs "Blue" and "T-rex," and are available only at the Ikebukuro store.

Jurassic World CAFE (Cafe)
Too cute to eat.

The dates and times for each venue are as follows. Dinosaur fans should definitely visit!

Venue: Ikebukuro PARCO, Main Bldg. 7F
Period: July 5 - August 6
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00

Venue: Shinsaibashi 161 2F
Period: August 10 - September 30
Business hours: 11:00 - 21:00

Food will be served 1 hour before closing time, and drinks will be last ordered 30 minutes before closing time.