Kobeya Hoshin (Yutaka)

A series that introduces "secret masterpieces". 55 items are "Yutaka" from Kobeya.

Kobeya is a company that develops bakeries and restaurants in addition to manufacturing and selling bread and pastry. Bread "Mochifuwa Takumi no Gem" and delicatessen bread "Hammayo" are familiar at the supermarket's bread department.

Kobeya delicatessen bread ham mayo
"Ham Mayo" etc. are familiar

"Hoshin" introduced this time is available at some freshly baked bakery stores such as Kobeya Kitchen. The price is 864 yen (tax included) for 6 pieces, which is quite expensive for bread with only dough. However, it is delicious.

Kobeya's "Hoshin"

The dough is kneaded with "original cream that maximizes the flavor of fresh cream" and is moist and soft to the ears. It's perfect when you chew. Spreads the mellow and rich sweetness of the cream and the mellow butter flavor as it melts in the mouth. The dough itself has a luxurious taste like sweets.

Kobeya's "Hoshin"
Bread to taste the flavor of fresh cream

Kobeya's "Hoshin"
Soft to the ears

Kobeya's "Hoshin"
Moist and moist

It is recommended to eat it "raw" as it is, but when it is baked, it has a different taste. Although the cream flavor is slightly weakened, you can enjoy the contrast of the texture that is crispy on the outside and moist and chewy on the inside.

Kobeya's "Hoshin"
Richer taste with butter

High-class bread that you want to taste and eat. I want you to enjoy it with carefully brewed coffee on a relaxing holiday morning.