Nekoneko "Nekoneko bread with condensed milk strawberry
Cat Cat Bread - Condensed Milk Strawberry

Nekoneko Bread

Nerimilk Strawberry, Nekoneko Bread Sanshoku Nekoneko, Nyanchi


Milk Tea

Nekoneko brand will introduce "Nekoneko Bread Nerimilk Strawberry", "Nekoneko Bread Sanshoku Nekoneko" and "Nyanchi Royal Milk Tea".

Nekoneko Bread with


Strawberry "Nekoneko Bread with Nerimilk Strawberry" is inspired by "Nerimilk" that accompanies eating strawberries, and is made into a sweet bread with a distinctive milk flavor. The milky taste of 100% milk is topped with the flavor of strawberries, making this a spring-only item.

The milky plain bread is layered with strawberry-flavored dough with milk-flavored paste and baked in a circular pattern. The mild sweetness of milk and strawberry flavor spreads softly in your mouth, enveloping you in a gentle flavor. The cake can be decorated with chocolate pens and fruit, topped with ice cream, and various other arrangements.

The price is 880 yen per piece (tax included). The set is also available at the official online store, but at a different price. The product will be on sale from March 1 to 31, 2023.

Nekoneko "Nekoneko bread with condensed milk strawberry
Cat Cat Bread - Condensed Milk Strawberry

Nekoneko Bread Sanshoku


"Nekoneko Bread Sanshoku Nekoneko" is a limited flavor of bread available only at the official online store. The popular "Yomogi-an" with the gentle aroma of mugwort, the "Sakura-mochi" with the flavor of cherry blossoms spreading softly in the mouth, and the "Plain" with a milky taste are combined in one bread.

The three types of dough are like three-colored dumplings. You can also enjoy the three different colors of pink, white, and green.

Nekoneko Bread Three-Colored Nekoneko is included in the frozen assortment. The contents are as follows

Nekoneko Bread Three-color Nekoneko x 1 piece
・ Nekoneko Bread Plain x 1 piece
・ Chocolate pen x 2 pieces
・ Handbag x 2 pieces
・ Nekoneko House (small) x 1 piece

The price is 1,865 yen (excluding shipping fee). Sales period is March 1-31, 2023.

Nekoneko "Nekoneko Bread - Three-color Nekoneko
Cat cat bread

Nyanchi Royal


Tea "Nyanchi Royal Milk Tea" is a new flavor of cheesecake "Nyanchi. The new flavor is Royal Milk Tea, which was requested in a previous SNS survey about flavors that people would like to try.

March is the month of spring. It is marketed as a flavor with an elegant sweetness and refreshing black tea flavor that can be enjoyed when you want to take a break from your busy life and relax or when you want to refresh yourself.

Earl Grey, which is known for its gorgeous aroma, is used to create a smooth, smooth texture, and the aroma of black tea fills the mouth with a mild milk tea flavor. While enjoying the creamy and rich taste, the refreshing flavor of the tea and the moderate acidity of the cheese accentuate the taste. A refreshing aftertaste.

Priced at 250 yen per piece and 1,100 yen for a set of four. The product will be on sale from March 1 to April 30, 2023.

Nyanchi Royal Milk Tea" by Neko Neko
Nyanchi Royal Milk Tea