Famima "Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese)

Famima Ishigama Ishigama

Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese


The 109th item in this series of articles introducing "secret gems" is the Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese), a sandwich sold at FamilyMart. The price is 298 yen per piece (tax included).

Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham &


) "Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese)" is a sandwich of boneless ham, Gouda cheese, and green leaves on stone oven bread. It is seasoned with mustard mayo sauce.

Famima "Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese)
Stone oven Parisian sandwich (ham & cheese)

It is a very simple sandwich. It is not particularly filling, nor does it use any unusual ingredients. ...... But...! This balance is the best! Because it is so simple, you can really enjoy the flavors of the bread, ingredients, and sauce.

Famima "Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese)

The baguette is soft and chewy. The more you chew, the more the wheat flavor spreads. If you like a firm baguette, you will love this! The ham and cheese are not peculiar in a good sense, and the flavor matches naturally with the bread and sauce. The amount of sauce is just right, and yes, everything is "just right! The quantity, taste, and balance of the sandwich are all just right.

Famima "Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese)

I also like this stone oven Parisian sandwich, and when I have a hard time deciding, I always end up choosing this one. It has a sense of stability. ...... The texture of the baguette is also addictive. The Ishigama Ishigama Parisian Sandwich (Ham & Cheese) is a simple yet delicious sandwich. How about this for today's lunch?