Nekoneko "Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte" February limited flavor.

Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte Prepared with

Chai Latte Nekoneko will sell Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte from February 1, 2023 to February 28, 2023. It will be available exclusively at the official online store "All Hearts Mall".

Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte"


"Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte" is a nekoneko bread baked using dough prepared with original chai tea. You can enjoy the mild taste of chai latte with the ethnic aroma of chai latte and the gentle sweetness of milk in perfect harmony.

Nekoneko "Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte

Chocolate chips are mixed into the chai dough, making it a perfect Valentine


gift. The chocolate chips also accentuate the texture.

February Online Limited Nekoneko Bread (Chai Latte + Plain) Sales Contents and Price

Sales Contents: 1 Nekoneko Bread Chai Latte, 1 Nekoneko Bread Plain, 2 Chocolate Pens, Nekoneko House Small
Sales Price: 1,865 yen (tax and shipping not included)
Shipping Method: frozen delivery