Collaboration "Japanese chestnut hojicha 'raw' bread" between Nogami and "Japanese chestnut specialty Saori" in Kiyamachi, Kyoto


and Kyoto Kiyamachi "Japanese chestnut

specialty Saori

" "Japanese chest

nut hojicha 'raw' bread" Nogami will sell "Japanese chestnut hojicha 'raw' bread" as a collaboration product with "Japanese chestnut specialty Saori" in Kiyamachi, Kyoto. The quantity is limited. The product will be on sale from October 1 to November 30. The price is 1,944 yen for a half-size loaf (tax included).

Japanese chestnut ho

jicha "raw" bread This time, we met "Saori," which has its main store in Kyoto and offers desir Mont Blanc freshly squeezed in front of our eyes, and decided to develop a bread. Based on the "Founded Nogami" bread, which is soft to the ear and has a distinctive savory flavor, the bread is luxuriously rolled with the same Japanese chestnut paste used in Saori's mont blanc. In addition, cut Japanese chestnuts are added, and the flavor is slightly fragrant with hojicha (roasted green tea). The rich sweetness of the chestnuts, the smoothness of the bread, and the texture and flavor that changes with each bite are the result of a collaboration between the top brands of Japanese chestnuts and bread.

Comment from "Saori," a Japanese chestnut specialty

brand. This brand operates a café with its main store in Kyoto, where Mont Blanc is made to order and served in front of customers in an impressive, delicate, brocade-like appearance. The project started when "Nogami" asked us if we could supervise the production of chestnut bread suitable for the autumn season.

Although this Mont Blanc dessert can only be enjoyed in Kyoto, we gladly agreed and proceeded with the project, hoping that as many customers as possible will be able to enjoy the goodness of "Saori". We provided the paste made by carefully backing Japanese chestnuts, which are fragrant and moderately sweet, and supervised the recipe. When eaten as it is, it has a mellow sweetness and melt-in-your-mouth texture. When baked, it has a sweet and flaky flavor like roasted chestnuts, and the fragrant hojicha (roasted green tea) gives it a slight aroma. A special product filled with such thoughts. This special product is filled with such thoughts.