Sushiro "Slightly Warm Sweet Potato" and "Caramel Banana Moist Cake

Sushiro "Slightly Warm Sweet Potato

" and "Caramel Banana Moist C

ake" Sushiro Café Department will release new sweets "Slightly Warm Sweet Potato" and "Caramel Banana Moist Cake" at Sushiro stores on September 13.

Slightly Warm Sweet Pot

Sushiro "Slightly Warm Sweet Potato

The sweet potatoes are carefully backed and baked with condensed milk added as a secret ingredient to give them a rich flavor, making them perfect for the fall season. Served slightly warm, it is rich in flavor and has a moist and smooth texture. Prices start at 150 yen (tax included). On sale from September 13 to October 1.

Caramel Banana Moist Cake

Sushiro "Caramel Banana Moist Cake

This slightly bitter sweet is made by caramelizing ripe bananas from Ecuador, which are characterized by their rich sweetness, and combining them with a moist banana cake. The base banana cake is moist and baked with plenty of bananas and almond flour. Finally, it is baked with caramel jelly and caramel sauce to create a flavorful sweet. Priced from 250 yen (tax included). The product will be on sale from September 13 to October 1.

Prices may differ at some stores.
The limited quantity will be sold out as soon as it is gone.

Sushiro is also holding a "King of Tuna" fair starting September 13! Click here for details: Sushiro "Manpuku Decantera Festival" will be held for a limited time from September 13 to October 1!