LA・PAN, "Happidanbuy x La Pan, Fresh Bread, Eco Bag Set with Edible Sticker".


LA・PAN Quantity Limited

The collaboration between Sanrio character unit "Hapidanbuy" and LA・PAN, a specialty store of high-end fresh bread, will be available in limited quantities in the form of "Hapidanbuy x LA・PAN Fresh Bread, Eco Bag Set with Edible Sticker. The release date is March 14.


Pan LA・PAN's premium creamy raw bread "La Pan" is a raw bread made without eggs or yeast food, using carefully selected flours from around the world, several types of dairy products, and honey. It is baked in a perfect balance of being delicious raw, soft to the ear, and yet not broken at the waist, with a silky mouthfeel and creamy sweetness.

LA・PAN, "Happidanbuy x La Pan, Fresh Bread, Eco Bag Set with Edible Sticker".

This year's collaboration is with the character unit "Happidanbuy," which means "boys who want to be happy, aiming for a V-shaped recovery. They are Pochakko, Tuxedo Sam, Kerokero Keroppi, Bad Badtamaru, Hangyodong, and Peckle the Duck, six boys full of personality.

The collaboration set comes in three types (S, M, and L) and includes a loaf of fresh bread (1, 1.5, or 2 loaves), edible stickers, and an original eco-bag. Both the original eco-bag and edible stickers depict "Happidanbuy" and LA・PAN's original character "La Pan the rabbit." The edible stickers can be used like stickers to decorate food items, making it easy to make fresh bread look cute.

Prices are 1,640 yen for S size, 1,860 yen for M size, and 2,080 yen for L size (all tax included).