Hattendo online store "Hattendo x Hakkaisan Amasake Bread".

Hattendo x Hakkaisan


Bread" is now on sale at Hattendo Online Shop. Limited quantities are available, and the sale will end as soon as the product is gone. The price for a set of two loaves of Amasake Bread is 2,138 yen (tax and shipping not included). The price of the Amasake Bread and Melting Bread Plain 2-pound set is 1,933 yen (tax and shipping not included). Shipped frozen.



As a manufacturer that develops products that emphasize the natural and gentle taste of the ingredients, this collaboration was made possible. The bread made with "amasake", which is produced using only Hakkaisan's special koji and extremely soft water from the Hakkaisan water system, is soft and chewy, with the gentle sweetness and aroma of amasake softly spreading through the bread. It can be eaten as is, crispy on toast, or heated in the microwave for a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Hakkaisan Amasake made only with koji

The koji made from highly polished rice using sake brewing techniques produces a refreshing flavor with no cloying taste. The elegant finish is the result of Hakkaisan's special attention to making good koji.