Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
Spicy finish, Dak-galbi bowl

Lawson has released a new product "Dak-galbi bowl". The price is 399 yen (tax included). Chicken thighs are soaked in a sweet and spicy sauce and fried with vegetables on top of the popular Korean menu "Dak-galbi".

Of course, it is delicious to eat as it is, but if you top it with melted cheese, it will become a hot topic "Cheese Dak-galbi" recently. And this is insanely delicious! Please try it!

Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
Get it as a set with cheese

◆ Just put cheese on it and chin

Dak-galbi bowl with chicken thighs fried with cabbage, carrots, sprouts and onions and seasoned with spicy sauce containing gochujang. Add the melted cheese to your favorite amount and microwave it to complete the Cheese Dak-galbi bowl!

Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
For Dak-galbi bowl

Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
Put sliced cheese on it

Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
Chin in the microwave

When you put a bite of warm cheese dak-galbi bowl on it ...

Lawson "Dak-galbi bowl"
Cheese melt

Ummer! The spicy taste of gochujang is wrapped in the richness of mellow cheese, which is the highest!

Chicken thighs have a delicious barbecue-like aroma. It's big, but when you chew it, it loosens softly. The cabbage and carrots are crunchy and chewy, and the spiciness makes them look like kimchi. Cheese is layered on top of this, making the texture even more luxurious.

The bottom of the rice is not soaked with sauce, so it is recommended to stir the whole before or after putting the cheese on it. I think the best way to eat rice, vegetables, meat, and cheese is to mix them together!

So, please buy the Dak-galbi bowl as a set with cheese. The spiciness is not so strong, so if you are not satisfied with it, you can buy kimchi separately!