Yokohama Stadium "Baikara Ice"
Topped with shaved ice for fried chicken!

A new summer-only product has been added to the specialty menu "Baikara" sold at Yokohama Stadium (Hamasta). It is a cool and cold "Bakara ice". The price is 550 yen (tax included).

Beikara is an original fried chicken that can only be eaten at Hamasta, supervised by the chef of the Japanese restaurant "La BOMABANCE" in Nishi-Azabu, which has been awarded a star by the Michelin Guide for 9 consecutive years. By frying twice, the outside is crispy and the inside is juicy.

Baikala ice is made by putting "Sudachi-flavored" shaved ice that has been finely and fluffy on top of this bakara. Thanks to the ice, it is easy to eat even in the hot summer.

Yokohama Stadium "Baikara Ice"
Baicala ice

You can eat it separately, with shaved ice at the beginning and fried chicken in the second half. Of course, you can also put shaved ice on the fried chicken and spread it at the same time. The sales place is "Baikara" next to Yokohama Stadium 3 Gate. How about watching a game together?

Yokohama Stadium "Baikara Ice"
Karaage and sudachi should go well with each other.