Tyrol Chocolate "Space Tyrol BOX".


Chirorucho Product "Space Chiroru BOX"

New Chirorucho product "Space Chiroru BOX" will be available at Don Quijote and UNY affiliated stores from June 6 (except for some stores).

Space Tirol


Tyrol Chocolate "Space Tyrol BOX".

Space Tyrol BOX" is a box-type product with a "space" theme, both in appearance and content. The space-inspired package is decorated with illustrations of satellites and rockets, and contains an assortment of three flavors of Tyrolle Chocolate: Mars Orange, Earth Soda, and Jupiter Cola, each with an image of Mars, Earth, and Jupiter. Each flavor contains 4 pieces, for a total of 12 pieces. The individual wrappers are designed with each planet depicted.

Tyrol Chocolate "Space Tyrol BOX".

Mars Orange

Tyrol Chocolate "Mars Orange".

The red "Mars" image flavor is "Mars Orange. The bright raspberry jelly is wrapped in orange-flavored chocolate. Mars has one of the largest volcanoes in the solar system, "Mount Olympus," which is why the color is passionate.

Earth Soda

Tyrol Chocolate "Earth Soda

The flavor "Earth Soda" is inspired by the watery Earth. Crackling popping candies and pomegranates are wrapped in soda-flavored chocolate. The popping candy is inspired by the energy of animals and other life activities.

Jupiter Cola

Tyrol Chocolate "Jupiter Cola

The flavor "Jupiter Cola" is inspired by the gas-containing planet Jupiter. It consists of cola-flavored sauce and marshmallows wrapped in cola-flavored chocolate and white chocolate. The marshmallow is a textural representation of Jupiter, a "light planet.