Lotteria "Ottegorotteria" Campaign

Lotteria "Ot

teokorotteria" Campaign The "Otteokorotteria" campaign will be held at Lotteria restaurants from September 19 to October 11 (except at certain restaurants).



This coupon campaign allows customers to enjoy popular side dishes at a discount price. Present the coupon at the cash register when ordering and receive French Fries S (regular price 190 yen), Chicken Karaageetto (3 pieces) (regular price 190 yen), and Nobi~ru Cheese Sticks (2 pieces) (regular price 220 yen) for 180 yen each.

Lotteria "Ottegorotteria" Campaign

French Fries S

Lotteria "French Fries S

French Fried Potatoes are made mainly from "Russet" potatoes, which are large in size and ideal for French Fried Potatoes, and deep-fried in vegetable oil at high temperature, resulting in crispy on the outside and crunchy on the inside. They are seasoned with mineral-rich baked salt made from seawater.

Chicken Karaageetto (3 pieces

Lotteria "Chicken Karaageetto (3-pack)

This product is seasoned with a soy sauce-based seasoning based on the taste of karaage, the most popular chicken dish for Japanese people. It is available in packs of three, each packet containing just enough to eat.

Nobi~ru Cheese Sticks (pack of 2

Lotteria "Nobi~ru Cheese Sticks (2-pack)

Creamy 100% mozzarella cheese is trapped inside the garlic- and onion-flavored batter. These cheese sticks are crunchy on the outside and stretchy on the inside.

All prices include tax.
Prices differ at some stores.

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