Tenka Ippin "Kottori Karaage Ramen
Kotto kotte karaage ramen


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te-ri Karaage Ramen Tenka Ippin has introduced a new ramen with a side dish of "kotte-ri Karaage" as a topping, called "Kotte-ri Karaage Ramen", which has been available since February. Prices start at 1,100 yen (including tax) for a single item. Prices vary by store.

Tenka Ippin "Kottori Karaage Ramen

This is the third in the "kottori"


, following the first "kottori karaage" and the second " kottori tentsuhan " in Tenka Ippin's " kottori " series. Two crispy and juicy kotte-ripened fried tofu toppings are added to Tenka Ippin's ramen.

By adding the kottekkariage to the hot soup, the flavor of the kottekkariage spreads into the ramen, creating a synergistic effect. The combination of everyone's favorite ramen and karaage is a menu item that many people must have wanted to try at least once.

In principle, the product is sold at all Tenka Ippin stores nationwide, but due to stocking and other reasons, some stores may not carry the product. Also, the release date may differ in some stores.