Famima's Black Friday



ima's Black Friday" FamilyMart will hold "Famima's Black Friday" campaign from November 15 to November 28.



is held on the fourth Friday of November, the day after Thanksgiving, in the United States. In recent years, Black Friday has become increasingly popular in Japan as well, with retailers leading the way with large-scale events and discount sales every year.

FamilyMart is holding "Famima's Black Friday" for the first time on the occasion of Black Friday, November 25. This is part of the "Tanoshii Otoku," one of the five keywords that FamilyMart has been working on since last year.

During this period, a "free voucher" will be printed on the receipt for every two purchases of two eligible fried food and prepared dish items in the case next to the cash register, in exchange for one "Famikara" (soy sauce or salt). The free voucher can be used by bringing it to the cashier during the exchange period.

Famikara (Soy Sauce

) One of the largest volume karaage in Famima's history, featuring a thin batter. The aroma, richness, and umami flavor are brought out by using three types of soy sauce for seasoning. It tastes great even when cold and goes well with rice.

FamilyMart "Famikara (soy sauce)

Famikara (Salt

) One of the largest volume karaage in Famima's history, featuring a thin batter. Salt is used for the batter and meat, and the salty flavor is enhanced by a well-balanced combination of three types of soup stock. It tastes great even when cold, making it a perfect snack.

FamilyMart "Famikara (salt)

<(1) Coupon issue period: November 15 (Tue.) - November 21 (Mon.) / Exchange period: November 22 (Tue.) - November 28 (Mon.)

(2) Coupon issue period: November 22 (Tue.) - November 28 (Mon.) / Exchange period: November 29 (Tue.) - December 5 (Mon.)

[Target Products]
・ Famichiki 198 yen (tax included, same as below)
・ Chicken Tsukune skewers 140 yen
・ Famikara (soy sauce and salt) 98 yen
・ Crispy chicken (plain) 160 yen
・ Thick-cut ham cutlet 138 yen
・ Charcoal-grilled chicken Momo Tare 108 yen

* Some products are not available in some areas and some stores.