Ministop "Light batter karaage (4 pieces)", "Tokutoku pack light batter karaage (8 pieces)", "Karaage bento", "Large karaage bento".

Thin-Crust Karaage (

4 pieces)," "Toku-Pack Thin-Crust Karaage (8 pieces)," "KARAAGE Bento" and "Oomori Karaage Bento

" will be available at Ministop stores from May 12 (except at some stores). These are new products in the snack side dish series that are processed in the store. KARAAGE Bento" and "Large KARAAGE Bento" containing eight pieces of "thin batter karaage" will also go on sale at the same time.

In addition, coupons and sales will be offered to customers to enjoy "thin batter karaage" and other products at discounted prices.

Light batter karaage

(4 pieces)

MINISTOP "Thinly Fried Fries (4 pieces)

The "thin batter karaage (4 pieces)" is made with rice flour for the batter, which gives the karaage a special texture. The "thin batter" gives the fried chicken a nice texture and allows the chicken to take center stage. The product has been improved to make it "a taste that makes you want to eat as many pieces as you want" without adding any extra spices. The price is 228 yen (246.24 yen including tax).

Toku-Toku Pack Thin Coat Fried Chicken

(8 pieces)

Ministop "Tokutoku Pack Thinly Fried Fries (8 pieces)

The "Tokutoku Pack Thin Coat Fried Chicken (8 pieces)" is a value-pack containing 8 pieces of "thin coated fried chicken". The price is 390 yen (421.20 yen including tax).


Ministop "KARAAGE bento

The "KARAAGE bento" is a boxed lunch box containing 8 pieces of juicy "thin batter karaage". The price is 600 yen (648.00 yen including tax).



bento "Daimori KARAAGE bento" is a KARAAGE bento with a large portion of rice. The price is 650 yen (702.00 yen including tax).

Ministop "Thin Coat KARAAGE" Coupon Sale

From May 19 to May 25, purchase "Thin Coat KARAAGE (4 pieces)" or "Tokutoku Pack Thin Coat KARAAGE (8 pieces)" and receive a receipt coupon for 50 yen off the price of your next purchase.

The "KARAAGE BENTO" will also be on sale from May 19 to May 25 at a discount of 50 yen off the regular price.

On the Ministop app, coupons will be available from May 12 for a 20 yen discount on the price of "Thin Coat Fried Chicken (4 pieces)", a 30 yen discount on the price of "Tokutoku Pack Thin Coat Fried Chicken (8 pieces)", and a 50 yen discount on the price of "Fried Lunchboxes".