FUJIYA Sweetoven "Kiln-dashi Pie Choux (Country Mum Cream)
Authentic sweets using Country Ma'am

FUJIYA Sweetoven at Tokyo Solamachi

FUJIYA Sweetoven, located on the second floor of Tokyo Solamachi, sells sweets using Fujiya's long-selling "Country Ma'am" and "freshly baked" Country Ma'am.

The most recommended item is the store's most popular item, the " Baked Cheese Tart" (220 yen, tax included, same below). It is a cheese tart with a Country Ma'am (with chocolate chips) in the bottom, and it is absolutely delicious! It would definitely make a great souvenir.

Baked Cheese Tart

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Baked Cheese Tart
If you give it as a souvenir, it will surely make a good impression!

Accented with country mums

The cheese tart is baked in the store's oven. The slightly thick, crispy tart dough is filled with cheese dough.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Baked Cheese Tart
It looks and feels handmade.

The cheesecloth is light and fluffy, and has a deliciously rich flavor with a mild acidity. It enhances the savory and buttery flavor of the tart dough.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Baked Cheese Tart
The cheese inside is soft and fluffy.

The country mam on the bottom is just an "accent". However, the presence of the cookies and chocolate chips support the deliciousness of the cheese.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Baked Cheese Tart
The one in the bottom is a Country Ma'am.

Kiln-dashi Pie Puff (Country Ma'am Cream)

Another personal favorite of mine is the "Kiln Dashi Pie Puff (Country Ma'am Cream)" (216 yen), a cream puff filled with Country Ma'ams. Country Ma'am Cream" is fresh cream mixed with Country Ma'am and wrapped in pie puff pastry.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Kiln-dashi Pie Choux (Country Mum Cream)
The cream is about to overflow.

The dough is made up of two layers, with a crispy pie crust on the bottom and a crunchy puff crust on top.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Kiln-dashi Pie Choux (Country Mum Cream)

The country mam cream is so good! The mild richness of the milk and the savory, slightly sweet Country Ma'am cream are in perfect harmony. When eaten cold, it is as rich as eating cookies and cream ice cream!

You can enjoy it as it is, or you can tear off a piece of puff pastry or pie dough and dip it in the cream while eating!

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Kiln-dashi Pie Choux (Country Mum Cream)
Enjoy the delicious taste of country mam cream

Freshly baked Country Ma'am

However, the first thing you should try is the "freshly baked" Country Ma'ams baked in the store!

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Freshly Baked Country Ma'am
Photo shows 5pcs.

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Freshly Baked Country Ma'am
Nice tan!

When you try them, the first thing you notice is how crunchy they are! Baking a commercial country mam in the oven gives it a better texture, but it is even more "crunchy" and savory than that. This contrasts sharply with the moist dough inside and the smooth melted chocolate texture. Delicious~!

FUJIYA Sweetoven "Freshly Baked Country Ma'am
Isn't the shape a little plump, too?

The baked goods are baked every two hours starting at 10:00 a.m., but additional baked goods are baked as soon as they run out, so the baking time may vary. If you want to be sure to get freshly baked goods, be sure to visit at 10:00 a.m. when the shop opens!