Yok Mok "delices" series renewed.

Yok Mok "delices series" renewed

Yok Mok's classic "delices series" has been renewed for the first time in 30 years, and the "Sisu delices" assortment of 6 kinds and the "Set delices" assortment of 7 kinds will go on sale at the official online store on September 28. The delices series will go on sale at the official online store on September 28.



Yok Mok "delices" series renewed.

Named after the French word "delices," meaning "something delicious," the delices series has been a long seller. The "Cinq Delices" series, which includes five kinds of cookies including "Cigar", has been loved by customers for a long time since its debut in 1991. Now, under the concept of "More Joy, More Deliciousness," "Six Delices" and "Sept Delices" have been newly introduced.



Yok Mok "Sis Délices".

The "Six (Six) Delicacies" add to the joy of the "Sisu Delice". The set includes the classic "Cigars," "Cigars au Chocolat" filled with milk chocolate, and special cookies that can only be enjoyed during the season. 50 cookies in 6 varieties, priced at 4,752 yen (tax included, same below).

Set Delice

Jock Mock "Set Délices

The "Set Délices" is a luxurious set of "seven (sept) delicacies. The set includes 60 cigars in 7 types, priced at 5,940 yen.

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