Sushiro "rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)"
"Rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)" that makes you laugh unintentionally

At each Sushiro store, the second side menu "Mazesoba" series "Rich Shrimp Miso Mazesoba (Pakuchi)" will be on sale for a limited time from July 21st. The price is 280 yen (excluding tax).

The first in the series was mixed soba with shirasu and salmon roe. This was also excellent, but this new work with an Asian taste is as gem-filled as the previous work! You can truly enjoy the luxurious taste of "shrimp".

Sushiro "rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)"
Asian taste abura soba

Rich shrimp miso mixed soba (pakuchi) is made by combining chewy medium-thick noodles with a special mixed soba sauce, and topped with shrimp meat, white-haired green onions, lemon, and plenty of coriander.

For those who like coriander, you can also "follow coriander" for an additional 100 yen! On the other hand, if you are not good at coriander, you can change the coriander to green onions, so don't worry.

Sushiro "rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)"
I tried chasing coriander

The topping shrimp is covered with the sauce "Jan", which is a boiled shrimp shell. This is spicy and the shrimp flavor is fragrant and addictive!

Sushiro "rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)"
Spicy and spicy shrimp sauce, it will be a habit

The special sauce is creamy and very rich! If you entangle it with the noodles and stretch it, the flavor of shrimp will spread throughout your mouth. It's like seafood cream pasta!

Sushiro "rich shrimp miso mixed soba (coriander)"
An ethnic scent that blows through your mouth ...

The richness of the sauce is also refreshed by the bitterness of gray onions and the scent of coriander. If you squeeze the attached lemon, the aftertaste will be even more refreshing. Add sourness at your favorite timing and enjoy!