Lotte "Fresh Choco Pie

Lotte "Nama Choco Pie" and "Nama Choco Pie [Italian Tiramisu]"

Lotte's popular chilled sweet "Nama Choco Pie," which has been on sale nationwide except in Hokkaido, will be expanded to Hokkaido on November 1. The product quickly became a popular item. The estimated price is around 180 yen per piece (tax included, same as below).


Choco Pie Nama Choco Pie will be sold to mark the 40th anniversary of Choco Pie (launched in 1983). Boasting the largest amount of cream in the history of Choco Pie (compared to Lotte's Choco Pie cream), this Choco Pie is the perfect reward for those who enjoy the luxury that only chilled desserts can offer. The texture of the dough has been improved to be fluffy and soft, making it even more delicious. You can grab a bag of authentic cake and eat it in one hand. Perfect for a break from housework or work.

Lotte "Fresh Choco Pie

Nama Choco Pie [Italian


A limited-quantity Nama Choco Pie [Italian Tiramisu] will also go on sale at the same time, recreating the taste of the 2020 hit Choco Pie [Authentic Italian Tiramisu] in a Nama Choco Pie. The cake is made with aromatic, moist, fluffy cocoa cake using Ethiopian coffee beans, sandwiched between a thick cream filling with Mascarpone cheese and wrapped in chocolate coated cake. The price is expected to be around 200 yen. The product contains 2.0% mascarpone cheese.

Lotte "Fresh Choco Pie [Italian Tiramisu]".

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