Sushiro x Tamagotchi collaboration "Now and forever, we are all together in harmony with Sushiro Datchi!

Sushiro x Tamagotchi Collaboration "Now and Then, Wai Wai Nakayaka Sushiro Decchi!

The first collaboration project with "Tamagotchi" will be held at Sushiro stores from November 1 to November 26. will be held at Sushiro stores for a limited time from November 1 to November 26.

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Sushiro Datchi now and in the past!

This is the first collaboration campaign between Sushiro and Bandai's "Tamagotchi. To commemorate the collaboration, two items will be available: "Tamagotchi Quail Fried Gunkan" sushi and "Slightly Pop Tamagotchi Berry Parfait" sweets, both with the image of "Tamagotchi. The "Tamagotchi" collaboration menu comes with limited edition stickers (six different designs in all). The sticker is a lottery ticket, and by scanning the 2D code on the back, you can apply for the campaign to win original "Sushiro x Tamagotchi" goods.

Sushiro: It's always been Sushiro, now and forever!

In addition, a limited number of miniature free-form booklets original to the collaboration will be available as goods that can be obtained by accumulating points on the kids' stamp card (for elementary school students and younger).

Sushiro: "Now and forever, it was Sushiro, getting along with each other!"

Tamagotchi Quail Fried Gunkan

Sushiro "Tamagotchi Quail Fried Gunkan

A "Tamagotchi" collaboration sushi with egg salad topped with a fried quail egg. The crispy batter of the fried quail egg accents the egg salad, which goes perfectly with the sushi rice. Priced from 180 yen (tax included).


slightly bouncy Tamagotchi Berry Parfait

Sushiro "Slightly Pop Tamagotchi Berry Parfait

This cute-looking parfait is topped with marbled ice cream inspired by the colors of the latest Tamagotchi model, "Tamagotchi Uni". The ice cream is a combination of strawberry milk flavor and four kinds of berry sweet and sour ice cream. The parfait is a collaboration that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. The price is 420 yen (tax included).

Limited stickers will be provided at random (you cannot choose your own design).
Prices vary depending on the store.


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