Starbucks "Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea

Starbucks Yuzu Citrus

& Passion Tea I actually purchased and tried Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea, a tea beverage offered at Starbucks. Prices start at 470 yen (tax included) for a short size.

Yuzu Citrus &


Tea "Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea" is a tea beverage rich in citrus flavors such as yuzu and grapefruit. Passion Tea is combined with citrus pulp made from a mix of grapefruit, orange, lemon and yuzu peel to create a refreshing and aromatic drink. Caffeine-free. Yuzu peel is used instead of yuzu juice.

Starbucks "Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea


First of all, it looks cute! It is made up of two layers: pink passion tea and yellow citrus pulp.

Starbucks "Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea

Passion tea is a bright red, caffeine-free herbal tea blended with hibiscus, orange peel, cinnamon, licorice, and other ingredients. It is refreshing and has a clean, crisp aftertaste.

The citrus pulp combined with the passion tea gives it a juicy, fresh taste! You can enjoy the texture and sweetness of the yuzu peel. The key to a delicious drink is to stir the tea thoroughly to blend the citrus pulp throughout the tea!

Starbucks "Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea

If you drink it as is or stir it insufficiently, the jam-like sweetness of the citrus pulp will jump straight into the tea. This is delicious in its own way!

Starbucks Yuzu Citrus & Passion Tea will refresh and refresh you on a hot day. I recommend it for a morning cup!