Marugame Seimen "Spring Clam Udon"
Plenty of umami from heaping clams

At each Marugame Seimen store, "Spring Clam Udon", which was very popular last year (2016), will be released this year as well. It will be on sale from March 8th to the end of April (excluding some stores). The price is average 590 yen and large 690 yen, both including tax.

This is a limited-time spring menu with clams that "hide the noodles" on the dashi-kikita kake udon noodles. Approximately 250g (8.82oz) of heaped clams are boiled with shells, so the umami and aroma are enhanced and you can enjoy the plump texture.

The soup is made by combining bonito-based bonito flakes with broth with plenty of clam umami.

In addition, "Asari Butter Udon" with butter that goes well with clams will also be on sale. The price is average 620 yen and large 720 yen, both including tax.