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An Butter

Mamemono & Taiyaki is located on the first basement floor of Sunshine City ALPA in Ikebukuro. They sell taiyakis with a "one minute shelf life." What does one minute mean ......? I was curious, so I actually tried it!


to Taiyaki Mamemono to Taiyaki is a collaboration between Ishida Rohpo, which was established in Kyoto in 1871, and Toya, a cafe producer also in Kyoto. The bean paste used to fill the taiyaki is made by Imamura, a long-established sweet bean paste maker, and the soy milk is made from Morika's Saga Tofu. The store is filled with such thoughts. The main store is located in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

There are three types of taiyaki sold: tsubuan (sweet bean paste), custard, and an-butter. The An Butter is the most popular among them. This is the taiyaki with the rumored "shelf life of only one minute.

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter

The specially ordered "Hokkaido Hidaka Butter" is used in the center of a large chunk of butter to bring out the freshest and milkiest flavor to the utmost limit. The butter dives from the back into the hot taiyaki bean paste! The dough is made of "Tokuho-kasa," the highest quality thin flour for fluffiness and lightness. These are combined with Imamura's specialty tsubu-an (sweet bean paste).

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter

What I ordered was, of course, the "An Butter". The price is 370 yen per piece (tax included). You cannot take them home as they have a one-minute expiration date.

Wait a while for the taiyaki to be baked, and then the butter is inserted into the taiyaki right in front of you and served. Because it is freshly baked, it is hot! Even through the bag, it is quite hot! The heat melts the butter and it is served at ....... I see, that's why the expiration date is one minute! That makes sense.

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter

The first thing that surprised me was how delicious the dough was. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft and fluffy. The outside is soft and fluffy, the inside is soft and fluffy, and the texture is exquisite. Yes, it's a fluffy dough like sponge cake. The dough alone is quite delicious!

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter

The tsubu-an (sweet bean paste) inside has a firm sweetness and azuki (red bean paste) flavor, and the texture of the beans can be enjoyed. The addition of the rich butter makes both the red bean paste and the dough soaked in butter, making you happy~~! The butter is used so generously in each slice that by the end, there is only a small amount of melted butter left in the bag. Is it really necessary to be so extravagant?

Both the author, who does not usually eat taiyaki, and her family, who also love taiyaki, raved about it. It is a perfect balance of being a taiyaki with a Western flavor. I may buy it every time I see it in the store from now on. ......

Mamemono and Taiyaki "An Butter" is a must-try. There are two stores in Kyoto, the main Arashiyama store and the Kiyomizu store, and one store in Tokyo, the Sunshine City store (as of July 2023). Please come and check this deliciousness!