Godiva "Essence of Nuts"

Godiva "

Essence of Nuts


Godiva will release "Essence of Nuts," a luxurious chocolat that allows you to taste "praline" as it is, on October 1. It will be available at Godiva stores nationwide, GODIVA cafe, Godiva online store, etc.

Essence of


Godiva "Essence of Nuts"

Three types of pralines will be available: Godiva's traditional "Hazelnut Praline," "Almond Praline" with "a taste that will make anyone fall in love with it," and "Pistachio Praline" with its unique aroma and mellow taste. Each praline is coated only with cacao powder, so the moment you take a bite, you can enjoy the delicate smoothness, soft texture, nutty texture, and aroma.

Hazelnut praline

Godiva "Hazelnut praline

Smooth hazelnut praline is mixed with crushed hazelnuts and sprinkled with cacao powder. You can enjoy the aroma and texture of the hazelnuts. You can enjoy the "essence" of Godiva's homemade hazelnut praline in a luxurious way.

Pistachio Praline

Godiva "Pistachio praline

The unique aroma and richness of pistachios are locked in a mild praline and decorated with cocoa powder. The rich and mellow taste of pistachios, the "Queen of Nuts," is a taste that lingers in the mouth.

Almond Praline

Godiva "Almond praline

The harmony of the soft, silky texture of almond praline and roasted almond dice is a delicacy that will entice anyone. Decorated with Dominican cacao powder.

The list of products and prices (including tax) are as follows

Essence of Nuts 6 pieces / 3,348 yen
Essence of Nuts 9 pieces / 4,644 yen
Essence of Nuts 12 pieces / 11,550 yen * On sale November 1

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