From Novarese, which operates a wedding-produced restaurant, the pastry shop "Kitayama Monolith" will open on the first basement floor of Isetan, Kyoto from May 28th to June 3rd. Two kinds of "Kyoto sweets" limited to the same store and one kind of chocolate pastry will be sold for a total of 100 pieces a day.

How about authentic sweets made by pastry chefs?
How about authentic sweets made by pastry chefs?

The Kyoto sweets to be released this time are the same long-established store in Kyoto as the baked confectionery "RIKKA" (1,000 yen) using matcha from the long-established store "Ippodo" in Kyoto. Cheesecake "UTAKATA" (800 yen), which uses cotton tofu from the tofu shop "Ippodo Atakaya" and is finished in a light mouthfeel.

On the other hand, the chocolate cake is "Kitayama Monolith Special Gateau Chocolat" (1,200 yen), which uses "highest quality" chocolate with a cacao content of 64%, which is also used by the world's top pastry chefs. It is said that it is made with high-concentration chocolate and has a moist texture.

Each product is sold in packs of three.

* All listed prices include tax