Panda Cake Tin with Panda Button" from Aoyama DeCarbo



Panda Cake Tins

Aoyama DeCarbo's limited edition Valentine's Day "Panda Cake Tins with Panda Button" will be available at Isetan Shinjuku starting January 25. Gluten-free & low sugar content. 5 pieces of Cassis Milky Chocolate Crunch. Price: 1,080 yen (tax included). Ends as soon as they are gone.


Milky Chocolate Crunch Cassis Milky Chocolate Crunch is a gluten-free and low-sugar chocolate crunch made without flour or sugar. The rich white chocolate, which is hard to believe it is low-sugar, is Aoyama DeCarbo's special chocolate made with the know-how gained from over 20 years of making healthy sweets. It is a gentle chocolate crunch made with soybean puff and dietary fiber instead of flour, and plant-derived sweetness instead of sugar.

Panda Cake Tin with Panda Button" from Aoyama DeCarbo

Sweets Can

Because it is a limited edition Valentine's Day can, it focuses on the "now" of 2023, depicting a panda falling asleep while looking at his/her smartphone, a panda enjoying Youtube, a panda who is tired, and a panda enjoying beauty. Also, "Hidden Panda Strawberry" is depicted on the side of the can.

The small ring-case sized candy canes can be used as cute storage boxes for accessories and other small items, and the panda buttons can be used as hair bands or other after-use items.

Panda Cake Tin with Panda Button" from Aoyama DeCarbo

The sales period is as follows

Isetan Shinjuku Main B1F from January 25 (Wed.) to January 31 (Tue.) Trend Sweets
・ Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store from January 26 (Thu.) to February 14 (Tue.) Special Valentine's Day venue at B2, Main Building, Nanakuma Line side
・ Daimaru Kyoto Store from January 26 (Thu.) to February 7 (Tue.) 6th Floor Event Hall * Limited quantity, ends when gone. Limited quantity, ends when gone
・ Ginza Mitsukoshi from Feb. 1 (Wed.) to Feb. 14 (Tue.) GINZA Stage on the 7th floor of the main building
・ Isetan Shinjuku from Feb. 8 (Wed.) to Feb. 14 (Tue.) Miscellaneous goods/ ISETAN SEEDS on the 1st floor of the main building