"Ichiroku Tart Chocolate" Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection 4th

"Ichiroku Tart Chocolate", which is on sale in advance at Godiva Matsuyama Mitsukoshi store, will be sold at Godiva shops nationwide from October 13th. The tax-included price is 303 yen, and the "Ichiroku Tart Chocolate Box (3 pieces)" released on October 20 is 918 yen.

16 tart chocolate

The fourth installment of "Godiva Monthly Chefs Selection" developed by Godiva with chefs from all over Japan. This product was created in collaboration with the Shikoku famous confectionery "Ichiroku Tart".

"Ichiroku Tart Chocolate" Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection 4th

"Ichiroku Tart" is a traditional sweet from Ehime prefecture, which is made by skilled craftsmen from dough making to hand-rolling with a traditional recipe and manufacturing method. It features a softly baked sponge and special bean paste.

"Ichiroku Tart Chocolate" is a chocolate bean paste made from Belgian cacao 71% dark chocolate with yuzu peel from Ehime prefecture wrapped in a sponge kneaded with cocoa. The rich chocolate bean paste with a slight yuzu flavor in the aftertaste is a new taste that exquisitely harmonizes Japanese and Western styles.

"Ichiroku Tart Chocolate" Godiva Monthly Chef's Selection 4th

Released on October 13 Hokkaido: Mitsukoshi Sapporo store, Marui Imai Sapporo store Miyagi prefecture: Mitsukoshi Sendai store Saitama prefecture: Isetan Urawa store Tokyo: Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi store, Mitsukoshi Ginza store, Isetan Shinjuku store, Isetan Tachikawa store Niigata prefecture: Isetan Niigata Store Shizuoka Prefecture: Isetan Shizuoka Store Aichi Prefecture: Mitsukoshi Nagoya Sakae Store, Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka Store Kyoto Prefecture: JR Kyoto Isetan Store Hiroshima Prefecture: Mitsukoshi Hiroshima Store Kagawa Prefecture: Mitsukoshi Takamatsu Store Fukuoka Prefecture: Mitsukoshi Fukuoka Store, Iwataya Main Store, Iwataya Kurume shop

Released on October 20 Tokushima Prefecture: Aeon Mall Tokushima Store, Youme Town Tokushima Store Kagawa Prefecture: Youme Town Takamatsu Store Ehime Prefecture: Iyotetsu Takashimaya Store, Emifull MASAKI Store Kochi Prefecture: Daimaru Kochi Store, Aeon Mall Kochi Store