Cheese arrived from Mr. Hakusan Goat. No, it may be Mr. Kuro Goat. It may be a black and white mottled goat. It was delivered to the Hagoromo ranch in Okinawa. (White / black / black and white mottled) The goats live there.

When I opened the big box, there was a box of cheese inside. The box contains the words "Pinza Blanc Okinawan Goat Cheeze" and a picture of a white goat's parent and child.

After all it was a white goat.

When you open the box, you will find a round cheese wrapped in white paper.

When I took the paper, the cheese finally came out.

Try inserting a knife. The cheese sticks to the blade of the knife and is elastic, and the cross section of the cheese has a rich light cream color.

I will try it.

I remember while eating. The goats I have met so far. A goat at my aunt's house, a goat at a big farmhouse in the neighborhood, and a goat in the grass in the hinterland of Chiba. All of them have difficult faces, are grazing, and when they approach, they stare with their flat, horizontal eyes, but then they rush up happily and laugh ironically.

That's right. Goats are very complex animals. So goat cheese also has a complex taste. It's a formidable taste that can't be easily said to be delicious. However, if you love it and taste it well, you will get a deep taste.

Goat cheese was a addictive taste that made me want to eat it again.

By the way, the price is 1,500 yen per piece.