Lotte "Premium Ghana Whip Selection

Lotte "

Premium Ghana Whipped Selection" Lotte will release "Premium Ghana Whipped Selection" on May 23. The 136g (4.8oz) package is open to the public and is priced at around 486 yen (estimated tax included).

Premium Ghana Whip


"Premium Ghana Whip Selection" is an assortment of two products, "Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip [Milk Vanille]" and "Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip [Douvre Nut]," which have been well received since their release in April this year. This is a virtuous product that makes it easy to compare two kinds of special chocolates. You can enjoy the soft and light texture of the airy whipped chocolate and the melt-in-your-mouth Ghana milk.

Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip

[Milk Van

ille] "Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip [Milk Vanille]" is a chocolate with the rich taste of fresh cream from Hokkaido and the elegant aroma of Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

The chocolate contains 0.1% Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar (as a flavoring). Vanilla bean is not Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip

[Double Nuts]

"Premium Ghana Chocolat Whip [Double Nuts]" is a chocolate with the savory taste of hazelnuts and the rich flavor of macadamia nuts.