Morozoff "Hakata Rare Cheese Sandwich

Morozoff Hakata Hankyu



With the reopening of Morozoff Hakata Hankyu Store, "Hakata Rare Cheese Sandwich" and "[Only in Kyushu] Cheese Cake Baked Slowly in a Wooden Frame" will be sold, which are special sweets using Kyushu ingredients and perfect as souvenirs.

Hakata Rare

Cheese Sand

Morozoff "Hakata Rare Cheese Sandwich

Rare cheese cake made with Kyushu cream cheese is sandwiched between moist butter sablé. You can enjoy the harmony of the milky smooth rare cheese cake and the butter sablé with its loose texture.

The product will be on sale from October 11 to October 15. After the above period, it will be available only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until December 17. The price is 324 yen (tax included, same as below).

Cheesecake baked slowly in a wooden frame

Morozoff "[Kyushu exclusive] Cheesecake baked slowly in a wooden crate".

The "Kyushu cream cheese," which is characterized by its milky taste made from milk produced in Kyushu, and Camembert cheese paste are baked together with meringue. The cheesecake, which is produced by baking in hot water using a wooden frame, is characterized by its soft and fluffy texture.

On sale October 16. Weekday only. Price: 972 yen.