Cocos Seasonal Hitosara - October - "Cheese in Hamburger Steak Bolognese" and "Caesar Taco Salad with Piles of Cheese".

Cocos Seasonal Hitosara - October: "Cheese in Hamburger Steak Bolognese" and "Ca

esar Taco Salad with a Mountain of Cheese" Cocos will be offering two items that cheese lovers will love as "Seasonal Hitosara - October". The "Cheese in Hamburger Bolognese" and the "Caesar Taco Salad with a Heaping Pile of Cheese" will be available from September 28.

The "Cheese in Hamburger Bolognese," which is a variation of the very popular "Cocos' Hamburger Bolognese" from the grand menu, has a rich flavor with cheese-in hamburger steak, fluffy granapadano, and a half-boiled egg, while the "Heaping Taco Salad," topped with crunchy cheddar and a pile of granapadano, has a rich flavor with a pile of Cheese Caesar Taco Salad". Also available is the "Caesar Taco Salad Drink Set," which offers a discount when ordered with your favorite menu item (single item priced 190 yen or more before tax).

Cheese in Hamburger Bolognese

This October limited menu item adds the rich flavor of cheese to the popular pasta menu "Cocos' Hamburger Bolognese" to make it a more satisfying dish. The Bolognese made with al dente pasta is topped with a fluffy cheese-in hamburger steak wrapped with five kinds of cheese and fluffy granapadano.

Underneath the hamburger steak is prepared a melt-in-your-mouth half-boiled egg. The cheese overflowing from the hamburger steak and the mildly flavored half-boiled egg are tossed with the pasta while enjoying the marriage of the moderate acidity of the Bolognese. Priced at 1,199 yen (tax included, same below).

Cocos "Cheese in Hamburger Bolognese

Caesar Taco Salad with a Heaping Pile of Cheese

This is an adaptation of Cocos' taco salad, which has a strong fan base, with the addition of cheese to give it a rich flavor. The taco salad is filled with crispy raw vegetables and bacon, which is characterized by its moderate saltiness and crispy texture, and topped with rich crunchy cheddar and a heaping pile of granapadano. It is finished with a Caesar dressing full of the flavor of cheese for a deep taste. Price: 539 yen.

Cocos "Caesar Taco Salad with a pile of cheese

Not available at airport stores.
The sale is scheduled to end in late October.