Lawson's new sweets

Lawson's New Sweets Summary

: Introducing the new sweets to be released by Lawson on June 11, 2012. The lineup includes "Fluffy Waffle Custard & Whip" and "Bigger Shine Muscat Daifuku".

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Fluffy Waffle

Custard & Whip

Lawson "Fluffy Waffle Custard & Whip

A waffle made with fluffy dough, whipped cream, and originally blended rich custard cream. Price: 162 yen.

Milk Crepe Cake with Hokkaido Condensed Milk

LAWSON "Milk Crepe Cake with Hokkaido Condensed Milk

Soft sponge dough sandwiched with milk cream made with condensed milk from Hokkaido and topped with crepe dough. Price: 160 yen.

Uchicafe Japanese Fruits: Hokkaido Melon

LAWSON "Uchicafé Japanese Fruits: Hokkaido Melon

A luxurious product with a Japanese melon pulp sauce on the tip and 30% melon juice and pulp in the product (67% of which is juice made from Hokkaido melons). The price is 257 yen.

Bigger Shine Muscat Daifuku

Lawson "Larger Cheinmuscat Daifuku".

Daifuku with marshmallow and pineapple paste. Priced at 218 yen.

Tokushima Sangyo Smooth Butter Pudding

Tokushima Sangyo Smooth butter pudding

Smooth butter pudding. Price: 198 yen.

Marunaga Confectionery: Plenty of Fruits White Kuma Bar

Marunaga Confectionery - Fruit Platter - Shirokuma Bar

An ice cream bar that allows you to fully enjoy four types of fruit, including pineapple and cranberry, along with mango-flavored ice cream with fine ice cubes. The price is 173 yen.

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