Lawson "Dargona Milk Tea".

Lawson New Sweets Summary

: New Sweets to be Released on October 31, 2023 Lawson will introduce new sweets to be released on October 31, 2023, including their prices and calories. This time, "Dalgona Milk Tea", "Omatcha Daifuku", "Korean-style Doughnut Kwabegi (Cookies & Cream)", etc. will be available.

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Korean-style doughnut Kwa Baekgi

(Cookies & Cream

Lawson "Korean Style Doughnut Kwabegi (Cookies & Cream)

A Korean-style doughnut with a delightful crunchy texture of a chunky doughnut and cookies & cream. Price: ¥235. Calories 527 kcal.

Dargona Milk Tea

Lawson "Dargona Milk Tea".

A milk tea cup dessert with a "fluffy" texture. Price: ¥246. 120 calories.

Matcha Daifuku

Lawson "Omatcha Daifuku" (green powdered tea cake)

Daifuku" is a combination of Uji green tea and Koshian (sweet bean paste). Price: ¥192. Calories 134kcal.


with a whole banana
Lawson "Omlette with 1 banana

Omelette with a whole banana. Price: 297 yen. Calories 429kcal.

Croissant Roll Caramel

LAWSON "Croissant Roll Caramel

Croissant with caramel cream trapped in Danish dough. Price: ¥192. Calories 449kcal.

Tsubu Anpan

Lawson "Tsubuanpan

Soft and moist dough filled with tsubuan (sweet red bean paste). Price: 127 yen. Calories 246kcal.

Sweet Potato Pie 4 pieces

Lawson "Sweet Potato Pie 4pcs.

A pack of 4 sweet potato pies, perfect for a snack. Price: 203 yen. 116 kcal per piece.

Fruit Sandwiches: Mandarin Oranges & Kiwi

LAWSON "Fruit Sandwich - Mandarin orange & kiwi

A sweet sandwich of mikan oranges and colorful kiwi, served with whipped cream from Hokkaido. Price: 430 yen. Calories: 262 kcal.

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