Lawson "Watermelon Daifuku 7 pieces

On July 26, Lawson will release "Daifuku Watermelon Daifuku 7 pieces" and "Konkari Rusk Watermelon Soda Flavor 42g (1.48oz)" to coincide with Watermelon Day on July 27.

Watermelon Daifuku 7 pieces

The concept behind the development of "Fruit Daifuku" was to make the Japanese confectionery known as mochi more appealing to younger people. The "Watermelon Daifuku 7 pieces" is a Daifuku confection consisting of a soft rice cake wrapped in a sweet bean paste made from watermelon juice. The cross-section is also carefully designed, with black sesame seeds used to represent the watermelon.

Lawson "Watermelon Daifuku 7 pieces

It tastes great chilled and is perfect for the coming season. You can enjoy its juicy and refreshing flavor. The price is 178 yen (tax included).

Daifuku confections such as "Ramune Mochi," "Nama Chocolate Mochi," and "Cola Mochi" that have been released so far have been purchased mainly by people in their 20s to 40s. Because of their bite-sized, round shape and colorful appearance, they have become a topic of conversation, posted on social networking sites.

Kongari Rusk Watermelon Soda Flavor 42g (1.48oz)

This rusk is flavored with watermelon soda to bring out the summer spirit. The rusks are made from the ears of the bread used to make Yamazaki Baking Pan's lunch packs and soaked in watermelon flavor. The rusks not only look cute, but were also developed with an eye toward reducing food loss and being kind to the earth by using bread ears for "eco-friendly" purposes. The special powder sprinkled on the surface gives it a cool and refreshing taste. The price is 148 yen (tax included).

LAWSON "Kongari Rusk Watermelon Soda Flavor 42g