LAWSON "Salted Bean Daifuku" and "Dekopon Daifuku" made with Hokkaido red beans

LAWSON Shio-Mame Daifuku with Hokkaido Azuki Beans and Daifuku with Dekopon Da

ifuku LAWSON will introduce "Shio-Mame Daifuku with Hokkaido Azuki Beans" and "Daifuku with Dekopon Daifuku". The ingredients and manufacturing process were carefully selected in pursuit of the taste of "Daifuku," the royal road to Japanese confectionery. They will be sold as part of the "Uchi Cafe" series, an original sweets brand.

Daifuku with Salted Bean Curd and Hokkaido Azuki


"Daifuku with Salted Bean Curd and Hokkaido Azuki Beans" is a mochi with a soft and fluffy texture as if it were freshly pounded, and the sweetness of the crisp red bean paste can be enjoyed.

The mochi dough is made from Niigata Habutae flour, Niigata glutinous rice flour, and domestic Uruchi rice flour (rough rice flour), mixed with Hokkaido red peas, which are known for their fluffy texture, and filled with red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans. To enhance the sweetness of the bean paste, Okinawan snow salt is added to the mochi dough to give it a slightly salty taste.

The price is 157 yen (tax included). The product will go on sale on March 7, 2023.

LAWSON "Salted Bean Daifuku" made with Hokkaido azuki beans
Salted soy bean daifuku made with Hokkaido azuki beans



"Dekopon Daifuku" is made with Niigata Prefecture's Habutae flour and filled with Kumamoto Prefecture's Dekopon, which is known for its high sugar content and fresh taste, and Jo-an (sweet bean paste). The white bean paste is made by deeply cutting the astringent part of the white kidney bean, which is the raw material for the bean paste, so that the flavor is preserved and the taste is refined.

The price is 235 yen. The product will go on sale on March 7, 2023.

Lawson "Dekopon Daifuku
Citrus decopon

Neither of these products will be sold at LAWSON STORE100.