Ministop "Shine Muscat Soft

Ministop "Shine Muscat Soft"

The popular "Shine Muscat Soft" released in 2021 is now available at Ministop in a renewed version. The lineup also includes "Tokumori Soft Shine Muscat".



Soft" has been renewed in pursuit of the original taste of the ingredients. The mellow sweetness, aroma, and freshness of the juice from Nagano Prefecture's Cheinmuscat fruit can be enjoyed. The Shine Muscat juice used is limited to that produced in Nagano Prefecture. The freshness, mellow aroma, and sweetness of the fruit have been reproduced by using the juice from the Shine Muscat fruit, which is pressed in a way that minimizes the dispersal of the aroma. An eating spoon is included (for those with wheat or soy allergies, a plastic spoon is provided).

Ministop "Shine Muscat Soft

Priced at 356.40 yen each for "Shine Muscat Soft" and "Shine Muscat Mixed Soft" (tax included). The "Tokumori Soft Shine Muscat" and "Tokumori Soft Shine Muscat Mix" are priced at 453.60 yen each (tax included).

Ministop "Shine Muscat Soft

From June 7 to June 20, a coupon will be distributed via the Ministop app for a 20 yen discount off the regular price of "Shine Muscat Soft" and "Shine Muscat Mix Soft". In addition, a coupon for a 50 yen discount off the regular price of "Shine Muscat Soft" and "Shine Muscat Mix Soft" will be distributed from June 7 to June 20 as a mobile order only coupon for the Ministop app version.

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